Computer Science MCQ Questions with Answer

Computer Science Questions and Answers – Fundamentals of Computer

  1. ALU is called the __________ of the Computer.
  2. GIGO stands for_____________.
  3. Mark the correct prompts for the hard Disk.
  4. which of the following belong to First Generation of computer.
  5. Who is the responsible for introducing the concept of stored program.
  6. Who is credited with the idea of using punch cards to control pattern in a weaving machine.
  7. To what type of diskette does the name “double-sided, double density” being?
  8. First generation computers are characterised by:
  9. What was the computer concieved by Babbage?
  10. The input unit of a computer:


  1. Heart
  2. Garbage In Garage Out
  3. C:\
  5. Jhon Von Neuinann
  6. Jackquard
  7. 5 1/4″ floppy disk
  8. vacuum tubes and magnetic drum
  9. Analytical Engine
  10. feeds data to the CPU or memory.

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