Covaccine vs Covishield

Difference between Covaccine & Covishield

 There are two vaccines completely used by India in Covid-19. One is called Covaccine and another one is called Covishield.

According to human, Which vaccine is best for whom?

So come to know here which one is the best.

Based on AstraZeneca-Oxford model, Made by Serum Institiute of vaccineDeveloped by BHARAT BIOTECH, Hyderbad, and ICMR
Whole – virion inactivated Vero cell Technology
3rd phase trial on 1700 volunteers Dat has not been made public yetPhase 3 trial ongoing on approx.23000 volunteers. Data is not available for the common public yet
Covashield has 70.4% efficiency Covaxine has 80% efficiency
Conditionally approvedRestricted emergency Use only
Dose Not Finalized by DCGI 2 doses in the gap of 4 – 8 weeksDose Not Finalized by DCGI 2 doses in the gap of 28 days or more
Private Price – 250 up to 400 INRPrivate Price – 200 INR

Now, come to know Which is better for whom from the analysis

From all the analysis of Vaccine Come to the Point that Covaxine is best for old age person Because Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi also take Co-vaccine instead of Covishield. Covishield has some disadvantages which have already any problem with their health. But those who have not already suffered from any health diseases they can take Covishiled without any hesitation. It will work with good output performance.

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