Data Analysis VS. Data Analytics

Difference between – Data Analysis | Data Analytics

Data Analysis – Data Analysis is a word that made from two words.

Data – Raw of facts and figures. Analysis – Simple meaning of Analysis is that take the data from the past and go through them and analyse that data.

  • The analysis describes only the past activity.
  • Data Analysis only performs on Past data from extract the previous data.
  • Example of DATA Analysis – I am giving 1 terabyte of data of my customer information of the past 1 year and I am asking you what happened so far that is past?
  • I am asking about the past which means it is data analysis.

Data AnalyticsData Analytics is a word that made from two words.

Data Analytics – As you read word Analytics anywhere, suddenly the word calculation is occurring in your mind. Analytics must be used after data analysis to predict the future value.

Analytics – Data Analytics simple mean that you first take past data and Analysis that data. On the behalf of analysis, you do Data Analytics using some algorithm to predict the output. Example of DATA Analytics -Suppose, I am giving 1 terabyte of data of my customer information for the past 1 year and I am asking you what is going to happen?

In the given case above we used to call it Analytics.

The Key Difference between Data Analysis & Data Analytics?

SNBasisData AnalysisData Analytics
1.Work based on Data analysis is based on past data Data Analytics means on the behalf of data Analysis we perform with data for taking future decision.
2.QualitativeQualitative = Explains How And Why Story ends the way it did?Qualitative = Intuition + analysis
3. QuantitativeQuantitative = Data + how the sale decreased last summer.Quantitative = formulas + Algorithm
4. TypesThese are the different types of Data Analysis -Text Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Diagnostics Analysis, Predictive Analysis, Prescriptive AnalysisIt has process not type. So the process works – Collecting the data, Categorizing the data, Managing the data, storing the data, Performing ETL(extract, transform and load), Analyzing, sharing the data.
5.ToolsThe Tools used for Data Analyze – Rapid Miner, node XL, etc.The Tools used for Data Analytics- MS Excel, MS Power BI, Tableau, R Analytics, Python

Is Data Analysis = Data Analytics?

Data Analysis is equal to data analytics?

The answer is Big NO, Analysis word makes the purely different meaning from Analytics.

  • Data Analysis is never equal to Data Analytics. That’s why we can say that Data Analysis not equal to Data Analytics

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