Difference between Data Analyst and Data Scientist

Difference between Data Analyst & Data Scientist

Data ScientistData Analyst
Use Current data to discover opportunitiesUse pre-existing data to solve a problem
Data IntegrationData Acquisition & Maintenance
Ad-hoc analysesPattern Identification & Analysis
Develop Operational ModelOptimize Statical Efficiency & Quality

Develop Analytical Methods and Machine Learning Models
Used to create Reports
Data CleaningCreate Dashboards
Conduct A/B TestingHelp gather incremental data from new sources
R/Python(Pandas, Numpy, Scikit Learn, Tensor Flow)_R/Python(Pandas, Numpy Matplotlib
Tableau/Power BITableau/Power BI
Use NLP(Structured/UnstructuredUse Data Modeling
Apache SparkSAS/SPSS
Required-Jupyter Notebooks/PyCharm knowledgeRequired-Excel knowledge
Works on SAS/SPSSWorks on AWS/Azure
Data Scientist Salary: 85kData Analyst Salary: 45k

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