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What is E-mail Marketing?

E-Mail Marketing means the marketing is done through online sending Mail on a group of an E-mail list for increasing productivity and advertisement.

E-mail Marketing is a term that is used to mail to develop relationships with potential customers and/or clients.

How to use E-Mail Marketing?

E-Mail Marketing is used through

  • E-books
  • Video series
  • Surveys
  • Webinars

E-Mail Marketing done through some key terms called Auto responders-

  • Aweber
  • Active Campaign
  • Mail Chimp

E-mails are still very relevant for

B2B(Business to Business)

B2C(Business to Customer)

E-mail is always sent to prospects

E-mail Marketing process

  1. Target your Audience
  2. Your Goals/Metrics
  3. Find a way to people sign up 
  4. E-mail Campaign type
  5. Fire emails
  6. Measure Results

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