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What is SEM ?

Why business Man not go with SEO they go with SEM ?

SEM is a way of sponsor your website using pay to Google. More pay increase your website rank according to payment. It is simply a process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. Which includes Ad words, Bing Ads, Yahoo: Search Ads.

Reasons behind it-

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is time taking(3-6 months)
  • SEM gives results instantly.
  • Constant traffic on Website by using SEM
  • The flexibility of Running Ads/Sponsored ads whenever you want
  • Requires Skills to run your ads & beat your competition

When is SEM useful?

When you know that you have an online business related to Marriage. Example – Tent, Sofa, Fan, Mat etc. Then you have to pay to google at only marriage seasons to rank first of your website on the Search Engine.

Here I show how the SEM websites will show?

Suppose you want to search query – digital marketing course in Delhi

The First image given below link starts with Ad which is paid website and used for gaining more traffic. Which is done by SEM

The Second image Using SEO for ranking their Website.

Sponsored Website using SEM
Non Sponsored Website – using SEO

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