Impact of Coronavirus on Education, Essay

What is Corona Virus?

Corona virus is a virus that harm your lungs and feel difficulty in breathing.

Most common symptoms: fever, dry cough, tiredness, aches and pains sore throat, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, headache, loss of taste or smell, a rash on the skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes

Impact of coronavirus on Education

Coronavirus is very much affect on Education. Corona is became an enemy of education system.

How it affects the education ?

  • All students promoted to the next standard without conducting any exam. It will harm the future to differentiate who have knowledge or not.
  • Taking online classes, which is not suitable for the concentrated class. All the students are never active when they take online classes.
  • Due to coronavirus students not play outsider game and they are under depression, that’s why also affect their education.
  • All material is only available in online mode for education. If any query is occurred by the student they couldn’t ask and understand the concept in an online session as compared to physically ask and understand the concept deeply.
  • Coronavirus is a disaster of all system, but the most popular one is the Education system.
  • Due to coronavirus, the syllabus is decreased by some percentage, but this will no matter in any entrance exam.
  • In all the entrance exam you will get the whole syllabus as per-requisite and after passing the whole exam you would not pass the entrance exam because of this situation, because you did not prepare the whole syllabus but got passed and promoted to the next standard.
  • All these things affect the career of the student.
  • Students did not take education seriously due to corona time. They wasting their time on mobile phones for playing games and to make videos on a different app like Takatak or more.
  • Students did not think about their future that they destroy their career by wasting time on these nonsense things.
  • This is the time to learn new things which can be not your own subject related but gain knowledge is the good thing to do well in future.

Coronavirus breaks the education

Students have no tension about their result will pass or fail result because they knew that all the students will be promoted to the next standard. They didn’t think that they learn something or not. They think that when govt. is promoting to us then why we learn anything. Let’s waste our time on social media, chatting, gaming, etc.

All above the reason of impact of coronavirus on education

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