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Infosys Interview Questions for freshers | Coding Questions

First of all Congratulations! to all of you who got the mail for the interview round The Exam has been conducted on the 16th of May. My result declared on the 27th of May 2021. I got selected for the interview round. I also Cracked the HCL Technologies interview in January 2021. My Offer letter

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Installing tkinter | Building a GUI in python

How to install tkinter in Python version 3*? | Installing tkinter python Hey Guys! You must have seen its solution everywhere before reaching my site. So don’t worry your problem going to solve here. Step 1: Install tk instead of tkinter using the below command in Python Console, must right correct as shown – capital

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Python Regex match

How to import re in python? import re Output : Joy is 22 and Manish is 33Gabritl is 44 and Ramesh is 21 String findall python How to find only Age from the namesage? Output : [’22’, ’33’, ’44’, ’21’] Click Here for – Machine Learning Tutorial How to find only names? Output : [‘Joy’,

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What is a Block Chain?

What is a Block chain? Block chain is a type of real-time peer to peer distributed immutable database. Block chain is an immutable database, Which means this type of database can never be changeable, update or delete. Once you submit your data in the blockchain. You can’t delete it. Multiple copies of you data will

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Pubg new state release date

Pubg new state pre-registration will start soon. Hey Guys! Good news! for all of you who like the Pubg Game. The Game will come with the new name and with some changes – Battleground Pubg mobile India This game is an alternative to Pubg. who were waiting for this game their wait is done till

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The Ultimate Guide to Winning in PUBG

Pubg : The Ultimate Guide to Winning in PUBG. PUBG has been on a high ever since it launched. Strategies for escaping the blue circle Strategies for escaping the blue circle. Making it this far as a rookie in PUBG is difficult. Once in the safe zone, the key is to press crouch when the

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Data Analytics Tutorial for Beginners

Basic Concept of Data Analytics : Part-2 Loading a simple delimited data file from the source : Click here How to get the first row value : Output : 2. How to get the 100th row value : 3. How to get the last row : Output : Sub-setting multiple rows 4. Select the First,

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Data Analytics Tutorial for Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Start with Data Analytics? First install Python compiler Spyder in your PC Loading a simple delimited data file from the source : Click here I want to access or print only first five row use method – head() Output : 2. Next, want to know how many rows and columns existing in this

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Computer Science MCQ Questions with Answer

Computer Science Questions and Answers – Theory-based 1. The Gray code for the binary  number 10111 is a) 10101 b) 11100 c) 00011 d) 00101 2. The total number of a child process of the following code? a) 31 b) 32 c) 2^n -2 d) 30 3. Which technique is based on Divide & Conquer

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