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What is diploma? Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnic)

Engineering Diploma The diploma is an engineering course provided by the state government. If you have any query so don’t hesitate and ask me about it. I am here to shot out your diploma related query. First of all, you will be glad to know that I am also a diploma holder in Computer Engineering.

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Most reactive element in the modern periodic table

Most reactive element Today. I give your answer, who wants to know which element is the most reactive element in the Modern periodic table or Periodic table. So, why you wait let’s come to know the answer. You will be shocked after hearing the answer of the most reactive element. Because you are very familiar

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Python Tutorial, Nested if-else Condition

Nested_if_else_Condition Program when you want to divide 2 and 3 both and print some string, In the given program, I used And Operator to satisfy the condition. Code: Using Function We can also do this program using a function that takes the input from the user side and calculates the result. I declare a function

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R Tutorial Importance

R Importance Why do we learn R Studio? Ans. According to a Survey of Data mining experts, the rank of R Studio is FIrst. R programming 50% more use than Python Difference between R & Python R Python R is a free open source programming language for statistical computing and graphics that is suggested by

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Covaccine vs Covishield

Difference between Covaccine & Covishield  There are two vaccines completely used by India in Covid-19. One is called Covaccine and another one is called Covishield. According to human, Which vaccine is best for whom? So come to know here which one is the best. Covashield Covaxine Based on AstraZeneca-Oxford model, Made by Serum Institiute of

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Joint Exercises – Army, Navy, Airforce

Joint Exercises There is a Joint Exercise between India & Other countries which are shown below. Example– Australia  – Austra Hind ( Austra hind is an Army exercise between India & Australia) How the Joint Exercises related to Army, Navy, Airforce? Army  Exercise Australia  – Austra Hind Bangladesh – SAMPRITI China – Hand In Hand

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R Tutorial, Data Model

How to Model Data in R? 1.car – car’s ANOVAs function is popular for making type II and type III ANOVAs tables. 2.mgcv – Generalised Additive Models 3. lme4/nlme – Used to fit and compare Gaussian linear and non-linear mixed-effects models. Linear and Non-linear mixed effects models. 4.randomforest – Random_Forest method from Machine learning. 5.multcomp

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R Tutorial, Visualize Data

How to visualize Data ? ggplot2 – ggplot2 is R’s famous package for making beautiful graphics. You can use ggplot2 for graphics to build layered, customizable plots. ggvis -It is used for Interactive, web-based graphics built with the grammar of graphics. rgl – Interactive 3D visualisation with R. htmlwidgets – A fast way to build

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HTML Forms using JSP Tags

HTML web page using JSP tags. How to make Web Page using JSP tags Steps: Create three files named as form.html,web.xml and E_register.java. Define all the form input in form.html. Write entries in web.xml. Create a table student_detail in ‘Shivani’ database as follows: mysql>create table user_details (                     Roll_no varchar(11),                     Name varchar(20),                     marks

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