R Tutorial, Data Model

How to Model Data in R?

1.car – car’s ANOVAs function is popular for making type II and type III ANOVAs tables.

2.mgcv – Generalised Additive Models

3. lme4/nlme – Used to fit and compare Gaussian linear and non-linear mixed-effects models. Linear and Non-linear mixed effects models.

4.randomforest – Random_Forest method from Machine learning.

5.multcomp – Tools for multiple comparison testing.

6. vcd – Visualisation tools and tests for categorial data

7.glmnet – Lasso and elastic-net regression methods with cross validation

8. survival – Tools for survival analysis

9. caret – Tools for training regression and classification models.

10.Zelig – Zelig is a one-stop statistical shop for nearly all regression model specification. Zelig can estimate and help interpret the results of, an enormous range of statistical models.

11. Statenet/igraphStatenet is an integrated set of tools for the representation, visualization, analysis and simulation of network data.

12. Amelia II – It contains a set of algorithm for multiple imputation of missing data across a wide range of data types such as survey,time series and cross sectional.

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