R Tutorial Importance

R Importance

Why do we learn R Studio?

Ans. According to a Survey of Data mining experts, the rank of R Studio is FIrst.

R programming 50% more use than Python

Difference between R & Python

R is a free open source programming language for statistical computing and graphics that is suggested by the R foundation.Python is a interpreted high-level language for general-purpose programming. It has a design philosophy that notably using significant white spaces.
Ease of Learning :
Moderately Complex
Ease of Learning :
Speed: SlowSpeed: Fast
Graphics & Visualization :
Easy and Better
Graphics & Visualization:
Complex and Tedious
Flexibility in Statistical tests and ModelsFlexibility in Websites and Applications
Huge Repository more libraries lesser libraries

Which is better?

  • If you want to do purely statistical work R is more robust
  • If you want to do Machine Learning then Python is better
  • R is harder to learn but has more features.
  • Python is easier to learn, but still is being developed

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