R Tutorial, Visualize Data

How to visualize Data ?

  1. ggplot2 ggplot2 is R’s famous package for making beautiful graphics. You can use ggplot2 for graphics to build layered, customizable plots.
  2. ggvis -It is used for Interactive, web-based graphics built with the grammar of graphics.
  3. rgl – Interactive 3D visualisation with R.
  4. htmlwidgets – A fast way to build interactive visualization(Javascript based) with R.Packages that implement htmlwidgets include-
    • leaflet(maps)
    • dygraphs(timr series)
    • DT(tables)
    • diagrammeR(diagrams)
    • network3D(network graphs)
    • threeJS(3D scatterplots and globes)

5. googleVis – Google chart tool to visualize data in R.

6.qcc -The qcc is a tool that is used in a library for statistical quality control, such as Shewhart quality control charts for continuous, attribute and count data.

CUSUM and EWMA charts, Operating characteristics curves, Process capability analysis, Multivariate control charts.

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