The Ultimate Guide to Winning in PUBG

Pubg : The Ultimate Guide to Winning in PUBG. PUBG has been on a high ever since it launched.

Strategies for escaping the blue circle

Strategies for escaping the blue circle. Making it this far as a rookie in PUBG is difficult. Once in the safe zone, the key is to press crouch when the circle disappears, instead of running. If you do not press crouch, your character will go flying.

Option 1 Step 1: Jump straight into the air Step 2: Return to crouch

Option 2 Step 1: Jump straight into the air

Step 2: Jump straight into the air again

Alternative: This will probably not work as you will most probably die at this point and if you did not already know, dying in this game usually means instant death.

How to deal with the red circle

During the free-running round, which is similar to the Grand Canyon one, you can spot a red circle icon inside the circle. You have to be careful of this, as the circle cannot appear beyond the circular area. Avoid the red area as much as you can to increase your chances of winning. Tips on the Zipline jump If you’re using the red X parachute, use it only if you are confident that you can land on the other side. We strongly recommend that you jump from a ladder or a window, where there are few or no trees. If you are not using a red X parachute, it is better to crouch and jump from behind the object you’re jumping on. Use this technique as it saves a lot of time and makes it easier to land.

How to shoot

For your game, you will want to try and aim as close to your character as possible. Avoid aiming near the rocks and walls if you want the most hit points and lowest rate of fire. To kill a chicken, aim at the head, as you’ll kill it faster. A chicken only needs two to three seconds to become a dead chicken. Hotkeying to your movement keys Hotkeys for moving around have changed since the last article, so you will want to select your weapons first, then the hotkeys you want to use. U for power Spacebar to pick up weapons D to reload A for sprint R to dash P for charge up to third health For your main and sidearm you will want to use the same hotkeys. For your shotgun, it is quite useful to have another, it can be useful when you go for a kill and start running.

How to make the most of your inventory

Common components of PUBG kits are the weapons, the goggles, and the kits. You will have two sets of your basic weapon set at all times. Every time you switch weapons, you will also be changing your goggles and kits. You can equip just one weapon of each type (unlike some games, in which you can change which primary and secondary weapon are equipped at a time) and you will only be able to equip up to five of each kind of kits. Before you swap out your weapons for new ones, you have to look out for red ammo crates, which can be used as an early indicator of where to go. These are found in the corner of each map and you can also try the strategy of having a decoy in the middle to lure enemy away. A team typically comprises three players, but PUBG players also join squads with four.

How to make the most of your map

As you can imagine, PUBG is played in a big map. The order in which you map out your character and the means you take to escape or tackle the arena adds a big strategic element to the game. This guide will help you learn the most effective ways of laying out your character to execute your game plan. Preparation Finding a good room or area where you can locate your starting location is crucial. This is the point where you get access to your parachute, which is essential if you’re going to perform a parachute jump. This is where you will be landing and this is where you want to be landing. You should try to find a good sight line or a nearby landmark to locate your place on the map. This is your starting point and you want to go there as quickly as possible.

Why PUBG is the best

PUBG’s big feature is its focus on survival. The game keeps track of your health and clothing. It tracks your footprints and that information is used to determine where you have been. PUBG also uses a beautiful art style. A bright and shiny desert. Plenty of wildlife for hunting. And a slick and heavy gunplay. Since the game’s launch it has been a winner and is still going strong. You can download it from here. Game Publishers Would you like to read our game publisher round up? Find all the companies here. What are the top 5 best strategy games of all time? Imagine yourself in ancient Greece or right now in the late 1800s. Now add to that a knife and some darts. Simple. But also pretty tense.


Should you play PUBG? You’re better off playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, an indie game I wrote about a little while ago. Here’s why: PUBG has been available for a while longer than Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. That means there are less bugs and it’s more stable, which means fewer things that can go wrong in a match. PUBG has more stuff to do and more options for interacting with other players. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds gives you the option to go to sleep in the middle of a match, which means there is very little interaction for you outside of the time you spend running around shooting other players. PUBG has more stuff to do that involves other players.

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