What is a Block Chain?

What is a Block chain?

Block chain is a type of real-time peer to peer distributed immutable database.

  • Block chain is an immutable database, Which means this type of database can never be changeable, update or delete.
  • Once you submit your data in the blockchain. You can’t delete it.
  • Multiple copies of you data will saved through the block chain technology.
  • Bitcoin is also working on block chain Technology.

Why Bitcoin works on Block Chain Technology?

  • Block chain is a block of chain which can be hardly hacked by to any one. If any one hacked one computer data, he must have delete that data from many systems. Because Block chain is Super Technology, Once your data going on block chain database it’s copy will occur on many system which is hard to hack all systems that’s why Bitcoin used Block Chain Technology
  • If any country citizen wants to pay to any other country citizen, then this work must be happen through the third-party and also takin 3-4 days time.
  • But once you use Bitcoin for your transaction. It takes only ten minutes. And also very secure method for transaction.

Where We Can Use Block Chain?

Block chain

Block Chain System for Future?

  • We can use it in EVM voting machine. For accurate and security purpose.
  • We also used it in financial system, for providing more security and transaction will happens within ten minutes.
  • In Manufacturing, all the data of manufacturing put into Block Chain Database
  • Employees record will be safe
  • Doctor can record the report of their patient, for forever which cannot be mutable. Also secure.

In block chain transacation process, there is many nodes if they agree that is covinient transaction then they give permission to done it.


Block chain Technology is very secure platform, hard to hack, and it’s database is immutable nature. which can never be change by anyone.

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